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These muppets need a mirror in the boardroom!

Created on 21 Mar., 2014 10:26 AM GMT

The letter Haigh sent, oh no he didn't, the letter that GFH instructed their lawyers to send to the Football League was full of more holes than a string vest on Scarborough beach in July, it was also ill conceived, badly written, childish, speculative & stupid and shows we are run by clowns with no self awareness!

Thanks to the excellent @PhilHayYEP the infamous letter, apparently written by the office tea boy was published.

Ignoring the bad grammar and typos, the content reads like it is written by a spurned teenager with bottom lip jutted out and quivering with anger.

It raises more questions, how do either GFH with a whole year in football or the lawyers have any idea how much "rigour" has been applied to any other cases?

They slag of Farnan & Flowers, conveniently forgetting that Beeston Dave was an integral part of Sport Capital and very likely brought Together Leeds to the party, they also call both parties failed bidders, leaving little if any room for re-engagement with either should Cellino fail. That is daft in the extreme.

They pin their colours absolutely to Cellino's mast and blame the delay in making a decision for de-stabilising  the club, causing fans to be concerned and potentially causing irreperable damage to the club and therefore their investment!

Are they having a laugh? These fools need to buy a mirror, a large one and take a long, hard look in it to see that they are responsible for the mess the club is in right now.

They promised to bring in investment, they have run the club at a substantial loss, failed miserably and delivered massive debt, these cowboys are as as bad as the good, the bad and the ugly but lacking the charm.

There was also another letter sent, demanding a decision by close of play yesterday, according to @APOPEY

We also hear that Alrayes, the big boss of GFH was due to meet Together Leeds yesterday but the meeting was mysteriously cancelled, one can only speculate as to why, what's for certain is that it is yet another instance of bungling stupidity for which our owners are being increasingly famous.

Meanwhile, in Monaco an old, grey, bearded man is sipping a whiskey, smoking a stogey and laughing & spluttering uncontrollably....
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