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Created on 27 Mar., 2014 9:39 AM GMT

The well know Leeds lover Matt Lawton's Daily Mail article headline "Leeds in financial meltdown: No one to pay McDermott's and player wages as owners' row erupts... and a 10-point deduction looms" sent a shiver down the spines of millions of Leeds fans.

The content is damning, frightening & sickening in equal measure, the comments in bold italics in the body of the text ask the questions on Leeds fans lips.

"Central to the dispute is who, legally, now owns the club. The League might think it is still GFH, but Cellino is believed to have paid at least £7m for shares in the club, as well as the £6.5m towards wages and the payment of the loan.The £7m payment for shares came when he believed League approval would be a formality. This beggars belief, making a payment for something you are not certain to be able to buyafter taking legal advice shows the ineptitude of the hapless Johnny Coconut, Cellino's Italian lawyer and casts doubts over the ability of his high powered UK advisers!

GFH, as well as believing they have no further financial responsibilities for Leeds, also say the shares are Cellino’s to sell, not theirs. This, on top of the infighting, marginalisation and expulsion of Haigh and apparent disappearance of Nooruddin & Patel underlines GFH's delusion and ineptitude.

It is now believed they did not pay as much as the £22m for Leeds that has been claimed. Another lie, no surprise there then.

Furthermore, the additional money they have put into the club — claimed to be around £20m —  has been offset, to a large extent, by management fees they have taken out. If true that would mean the £40m they claim to have invested since December 2012 has been exaggerated. It also means they would not have as much to lose if the club went into administration. There are no words to describe what GFH are guilty of here, suffice to say Dick Turpin has the good sense to wear a mask.

Employees at Leeds can get no sense out of either side. There has been no clarification from chairman Salah Nooruddin but senior Leeds officials confirm that a row has indeed erupted between GFH  and Cellino over the financing of the club. Nothing new here!

It is a desperate situation for a club with so much potential.
‘Never mind the fact that the club doesn’t own the ground nor the training ground,’ said one source. ‘We don’t even own the chairs and the curtains. As I understand it, GFH are refusing to put in any more money and Cellino has told them to **** off.’ You can imagine the conversation as written yesterday "Hi, Massimo, Beeston Dave here, about this month's wages...." " Cazzo ragazzo proprio il grasso" [#$%! right off fatboy] .........

The final part of the piece is damning, from the mouth of our Italian suitor....

Cellino was not available for comment but he said recently of the club: ‘They sold their stadium, their banqueting, training station, they own nothing.’

Of GFH, he said: ‘They didn’t even have the money to pay for the washing powder.’
Sportsmail spoke to McDermott and the Leeds manager, whose side have lost four of their last five matches, is trying to remain as positive as possible. After the defeat at Bournemouth, he said: ‘What is going on off the field does affect the players. All of the talk is about who is coming in and are we going to get paid.’
He said he had not  discussed with his players the prospect of going without pay.
‘We’ve been paid every month I have been here so far,’ he said.
But Cellino has pointed to serious problems and the desperate need for a cash injection.
He declared that Leeds needed ‘help, blood and money’ in ‘hours, not days’.

We are a long way up shit creek, let's hope that someone hasn't forgotton to pay the tax on the paddle!!


Last night's revelations in a now deleted Twitter account regarding Beeston Dave's sexuality and past business ventures, cast another shadow about the veracity of his reported business history and background.

Being gay, if it's true doesn't matter, being a manipulative, lying, useless, conniving snake does and to be honest it's about as surprising as Salem Patel being described as "dusky".


Ken Bates emerged from the shadows with a villains laugh and a cheeky grin to broadcast an exclusive on Radio Yorkshire


This features an outstanding acting performance by the girl reading the questions Bates wrote to get his points over and look like they were hers, she has no idea whatsoever whate he is talking about and had to rush downstairs afterwards to Subway to make a Meatball Marinara for a waiting customer.

Bates who told us at the time the takeover saga was dragging on so he coul;d be certain to leave us in safe hands, talks with ill concealed contempt of GFH and surprisingly reveals that his wife once paid the wages for them and he was invited to join Beeston Dave's ill fated Sports Capital consortium, despite strident denials from Haigh himself, another lie to add to the fulminating list. With an evil laugh the old scoundrel hinted at more revelations to come....


It's not a laughing matter and the positive alternative for Leeds fans this morning is proud defiance as supporter groups gird their loins to fight back against the potless chancers who have dragged our great club through the mud one time too many.

There is talk of another buyer, let's hope its a real one with the vision, cash, experiences & resources to get us where we need to be, for the sake of the club, for the sake of the fans, if not we must pray that Cellino's appeal is successful because one thing is for certain, GFH must pay no part in our future.

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