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UPDATED: It's NOT C Day! Still Time to Say Goodbye to GFH!

Created on 04 Apr., 2014 8:05 AM GMT

It's NOT C Day today, after word emerged yesterday that QC Kerr will deliver his judgement today, now we hear there will be no announcement today. What's happened, nobody knows, the plot thickens, frustration grows and the end to this turmoil is snatched from our grasp like a last minute winner!

Massimo Cellino & Mike Farnan from Together Leeds have been very high profile over the last 24 hours or so, having formed a super consortium which looks capable of making our dreams come true, a mixture of money, football experience, business nous, exuberance, crazyness, charisma and crucially and consistently a real passion to take Leeds United forward. They even made positive noises regarding the excellent proposed fan ownership initiative launched by LUST http://lufctrust.squarespace.com/blog/

This season started so brightly, so full of optimism, we thought the past was behind us and we were embarking on a journey with GFH filled with fan engagement, heavy investment and progress.

GFH proved to be clueless, potless chancers, they squabbled internally and as the characters emerged they showed themselves one by one to range between despicable and farcical. They claimed to have a plan to bring in investors to work with them, they succeeded in attempting to pass shares in the club around in exchange for cash like unwanted presents.

They allegedly are talking to groups of investors from Malaysia & Manchester, better for everyone if they were talking to a travel agent.

Today The Yorkshire Evening Post "expose a bizarre series of threats and demands made by Gulf Finance House to Leeds United manager Brian McDermott as the club’s season began to falter in January." Bizarre!


Breaking news emerging this morning that the accounts of former GFH CEO Esam Janahi have been frozen. He played a major part in the acquisition and partial exiting of the club has left Bahrain, it appears Creditors have filed a lawsuit, this shows the fit and proper test for what it is and in my opinion should influence the decision in a positive way for Cellino.

GFH must play no part in our future.


The club is desperate for leadership and requires massive investment from top to bottom, debts need repaying and a proper business plan putting into place, radical changes are needed on and off the field.

In Cellino and Together Leeds we have all the resources and experience required to get Leeds United back to the Premiership and realise the potential of what is still, despite the last 10 years, a global brand.

This is how it should look and feel at Elland Road


I really want Cellino & Together Leeds to be able to work together and take the club back to where we belong and hope they can find a way, with or without the help of the Football League and QC Kerr.

Please, someone, tell us WTFIGO!


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