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Who will be Vidic's successor to the armband?

by Abdullah Mamaniyat
Feb 24, 2014 11:26 PM GMT

Last Monday, the official Manchester United website released an article publicising the possible candidates for the role of captain from the season 2014/15.

The article consisted of 5 possible candidates: David De Gea, Phil Jones, Jonny Evans, Wayne Rooney and Darren Fletcher.

At first reaction, it seemed brutal in seeing Robin Van Persie as a main nominee, but as Leonardo Di Caprio so timely proved last week on Sunday night at the BAFTAs, something as little as a blown kiss to the camera seals the win for just being that fantastic, even without a prize to showboat at the end of it. Similarly, Robin Van Persie has also proven that a trail leaving the words 'awe-struck' visible on foreheads sometimes can be just as phenomenal, even if it means that he may not be the leading man at the end of the tunnel, hand on hips, first to absorb the warmth of the Old Trafford crowd.

And then I read: "The opinions expressed in this article are personal to the authors and do not necessarily represent the views of Manchester United FC."

Damn, the bloody now-not-so-controversial small print.

There may be a few figures that could challenge these players for the captaincy. As Moyes so blandly put it, he did say that the captaincy is 'up for grabs'. So there are more than the five listed which have a great chance of succeeding Nemanja Vidic. The Serb that has stood so well with that niggling tight strip feel on his arm in every game that he's played, with a disease ridden effervescent personality that infecting the squad with his maniacal drive to lead for success. Vida has exceeded the role of captain, and for that alone it'll be a titanic loss for the club to see such a charismatic figure for the best part of the last decade leave the grass of Old Trafford, and the gates of Manchester airport this summer for one last time.

But life goes on, and a billboard starring Danny Welbeck that I'd once briefly come across some months ago speaks out for situations like this, and totally exemplifies the slogan that United go by: 'Respect the past. Be the future.'

The future lies in several stars at United, who have all the capability within themselves to go down as Manchester United legends. What better way to class yourself amongst the leaders for that?

From Harry Stafford to Bill Foulkes to Bryan Robson to Roy Keane to Nemanja Vidic to player X.

We won't be finding out who player X will be just yet, but below are a candidate list of possible suits for the captaincy that haven't been mentioned by Mark Froggatt and Ben Hibbs (

1) Jonny Evans

He has become some sort of a peripheral figure for United in recent seasons, and there isn't a better role model than someone who has been associated with Manchester United ever since the age of 9, and done it the hard way. There he stands, reaping the rewards from a situation that seemed a fantasy just four years ago, where he could have been seen surplus to requirement. But in 2014, it would appear perfect to slide the armband onto his arm.

2) Darren Fletcher

It wouldn't be anything less than flattery for the Scot should he be chosen to wear the armband. Trials and tribulations that have come in his path over the last two years would put the cherry on the cake for a man who seems to possess all of the leadership qualities that would be expected by a captain.

3) Robin Van Persie

Holding captaincy for Arsenal and Holland tells a story, but honestly how long can this lethal left footed man keep going on without a lengthy injury spell out, as he'd faced just a few weeks ago? Many the reason for not being a stand-out choice, but like Fletcher, would ideally be a very rich choice for short-term captaincy.

4) Michael Carrick

The Geordie has been quietly consistent for United over several years now. Part of the problem maybe, which does put into light a perspective of many fans questioning whether he would be an ideal captain. Yet vocal off the pitch, Carrick continues to be a massively influential and experienced figure at Old Trafford within the players.

5) Chris Smalling

In Sir Alex Ferguson's autobiography, he likened Smalling to Nemanja Vidic in ways of whole-hearted defending that no other defender since had explored. In that respect, it would seem fitting for Chris Smalling to be the heir to the loom of the Serb. Promised under Moyes to be a key figure in years to come by constant selection, the Englishman has grew game by game in maturity and living up to promise.

The question is, who from the current should in fact be the man leading on fronts for the next few years, at least? Personally, I'm inclined to edge towards Jonny Evans. However, I'm not Manchester United manager nor are the thousands of others that will have their own opinion over who the choice is. But time is closing in for David Moyes to decide, sooner rather than later.