Premier League Finale Preview

Created on 10 May., 2014 10:15 PM GMT

In a season that has seen the fall of Manchester United, although possibly short term, the resurrection of Liverpool and the decimation of Guardiola and Barca’s tiki taka football to the hands of blistering counter attacking flare from the likes of Real Madrid, it is refreshing to see that nothing in football is certain.

 It was only a season ago that Barca’s style of football was known to be god’s gift to the game, a style so difficult to counteract now under such scrutiny.

Manchester United, a club that seemed embedded into European qualification and stability now rocked to it’s very foundations since the departure of Sir Alex Ferguson.

Even the possibility of Arsenal winning a trophy has finally arisen in the shape of a showdown with Hull City in an FA Cup final at Wembley, but if any tournament in the world had taught us that nothing is certain in the beautiful game, it’s the FA Cup. The sorry affair of premier league owners views on managers’ dismissal sees Brendan Rodgers the longest serving Premier League manager bar Arsene Wenger who is yet to sign a new deal to extend his contract that ends after Arsenal’s cup final, and who’s to say whether finally winning a trophy at the Emirates is means to stepping down or reason to continue. 

If one thing is for sure after a topsy-turvy season it is that nothing is promised and although City approach the pearly gates of Premier League glory tomorrow, wouldn’t it be fitting if one more twist in the tale was to come? After Liverpool’s dismal capitulation against Palace last week, in reality not much has changed in terms of what is needed for the Reds to win the title as the challenge of overhauling the Citizen’s superior goal difference seemed virtually impossible at this stage anyway.

So Liverpool’s fate is left in the hands of West Ham and ironically Liverpool rejects Andy Carroll and Stewart Downing, and it would be foolish of City take anything for granted as they know more than most the pressure that the last game of the season can bring. Big Sam plans to spoil the party, it’s up to City to show nerves of steel to ensure he doesn’t succeed in doing so.

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