Gnabry or Januzaj?

Created on 11 Feb., 2014 9:17 PM GMT

In the world of football, everyone is looking for up and coming talents that could be stars in the years to come. At this present time, there are arguably no two bigger talents who share such similar characteristics than Serge Gnabry and Adnan Januzaj. Both foreign who have been in this country since they were young, both predominantly wingers who are quick, skillful, wear the number 44 and both already in the first team setups of two of the biggest clubs in the world of football at 18. But who has the brighter future? Firstly; Januzaj predominantly likes to cross a ball. He can brilliantly cut inside onto his weaker right foot and swing a ball in. He’s more of an assist man. Not fast in the sense that he could out-sprint Nani but he has the ability to glide past players with the ball and find space exquisitely. The German, however, is more direct; doing stepovers and then bursting past fullbacks with ease. He likes to test them, get to the byline or get in behind the defence by making diagonal runs from the touchline. Both truly different but in terms of who is more effective out wide it’d have to be Gnabry, due to the fact that he can stretch teams when used correctly. He can become an exceptional winger, which is a dying art in itself. In terms of being played centrally, it’s a different story. Januzaj could easily play the no.10 role as he can come short for the ball and spray it around, or could pick a killer pass to open teams up, as well as scoring from range as seen against Sunderland. He’s very comfortable in the ball and won’t slow the game down. Elegant and efficient, his playing style, when central, is classy and will probably be played there as he develops. Gnabry was played in a midfield position against Reading in the 7-5 phenomenon and kept getting lost. His direct style isn’t one which doesn’t work when playing just off the striker as there’s very little space in front of you. If he was played alongside the holder then he’d be more effective but then most of his skills wouldn’t come to the fore. Finally, who will have a better career? Januzaj already has vast first team experience, starting most of United’s games this season. However, I don’t personally believe this is solely down to his talent. The Belgium born player has immense potential, no doubt, but he is only a first team regular because David Moyes needed to make a statement at the start of his reign. Whilst Gnabry, who was in and out of the Arsenal team due to injuries, has been seen as the future by fans for a couple of years now and has international to go with Champions League and Premier League experience. It’s very hard to pick one as they are completely different players, but the Arsenal boy just edges out for me due to his direct style. I have no doubt that both will be lighting up the world stage for years to come.
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