Nicholas Spiller

Cue the Gareth Bale Transfer Rumors

Created on 20 May., 2013 2:57 AM GMT

The English Premier League season has ended, and with it the Champions League hopes for Tottenham Hotspurs.  Gareth Bale put on a stunning display this year, captivating the soccer world with nifty tricks and spectacular goals.  But for all his hard work, Tottenham and Bale will take no part in the biggest games of next season, and for such a world-class player it is really about time that he moves on elsewhere.

Tottenham is not going to win the Premier League anytime soon.  The last time they won was in 1961, over 50 years ago.  They can’t even top Arsenal and have finished below them for 18 years running.  The best that Gareth Bale could ever do with this club is to fight for a Champions League spot next year and then make a run similar to that of two seasons ago when they reached the last 8 in Europe.  But is Tottenham ever really going to be capable of becoming champions of Europe?  Doubtful.

Gareth Bale has the potential to be on the same level as Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi.  He has a game-changing ability second to no one in the Premier League and is just 23 years old.  He is one of a handful of players that could realistically become the world’s best soccer player in five year’s time.  What on Earth is he doing at a club like Tottenham, scrapping and failing yet again just for the chance to play against Europe’s elite?

Tottenham would be wise to cash in on the player and earn roughly 50 million pounds.  With it the club could bring in several decent players and compete for the Champions League spots.  The one-man show of Gareth Bale can only go so far.  And so the question really should be, where will Gareth Bale be playing next year?

A proven track record in England makes him the ideal target for both Manchester clubs.  Manchester United may pass since new manager David Moyes could prefer to lure Marouane Fellaini, his former player at Everton.  Such a large purchase would limit funds elsewhere for someone like Bale. 

Manchester City will surely be calling and could bring in the premier player, but they should probably be more focused on hiring a new manager at the moment.  However, I’d be surprised to know any manager that wouldn’t approve of Gareth Bale’s arrival.

There is also Chelsea.  Filthy rich and with a star lineup, they surely would like to lure Bale across London.  Or would Bale consider the unthinkable and head to Arsenal?  Although rare, similar moves have happened in the past…

Bale will surely draw interest abroad as well.  Real Madrid is going through some changes with Jose Mourinho heading out the door.  Pairing Cristiano Ronaldo and Gareth Bale in the Real Madrid attack would be incredible. 

Or perhaps a club like PSG would like to make Gareth Bale their marquee signing.  Although the French League would overall be a step down for Bale, he would be able to compete in the Champions League and play alongside stars like Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Javier Pastore. 

All the clubs mentioned have the funds necessary to tempt Tottenham into selling their prized man, but how much will it take?  This club has the potential to demand a massive transfer fee in the region of the 80 million pound record deal that Manchester United hauled in for Cristiano Ronaldo.  Does anyone really think that Gareth Bale will command a similar value?  I do.

Gareth Bale is an electric player and is at that age when players start to enter their prime, meaning he can improve.  Additionally, he has worked this magic with a supporting cast that is average at best.  Bale’s incredible play is the only reason Tottenham are even in the conversation for Champions League spots. 

For this very reason, I expect Tottenham to be very resistant to any beckoning calls, but I suspect that if Gareth Bale makes his wishes for an exit clear, they will be granted at the right price.  I presume that we will be hearing a multitude of rumors and supposed “done deals” for Gareth Bale all summer long, but once Champions League play begins, Bale will push more for his move and will have his wish granted.  To which of these teams does he move? I don’t think anyone can be sure.

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