Dinamo Moskva

Founded In
Moskva, Russia

About Dinamo Moskva

FC Dinamo Moskva, also known as Dynamo Moscow in English-speaking circles, was founded in 1923, although its roots are believed to trace back to a factory football club, OKS Moskva, which was founded back in 1887. As a result, Dinamo Moskva are sometimes referred to as Russia's oldest professional football team. They are the only team to have always played in the Soviet Top League and the Russian Premier League, never having suffered relegation from the top flight. Historically, the club's biggest rivals have been Spartak Moskva.

After the revolution of 1917, Dinamo Moskva was placed under the control of Felix Dzerzhinsky and the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs. The club was later associated with the KGB and these associations helped to serve as an intimidation tactic.

During the era of the Soviet Union, Dinamo Moskva enjoyed tremendous success, especially during the 1930s, 1940s and 1950s. Between 1936 and 1959 the club won the Soviet Top League on nine occasions, with two additional victories coming in 1963 and 1976. Additional domestic success has included six Soviet Cup wins, coming in 1937, 1953, 1967, 1970, 1977 and 1984. In 1972, the club made history by coming the first Soviet side to reach a European final. However, they lost to Rangers in the final of the UEFA Cup Winners' Cup. Since the formation of the Russian Premier League, success has been much more limited. Dinamo Moskva have, so far, failed to win the Premier League and their sole domestic success came in 1995, when they lifted the Russian Cup, beating Rotor Volgograd in the final.

Some of the most significant players to represent the club include Lev Yashin, Sergei Solovyov, Konstantin Beskov, Mikhail Semichastny, Vladimir Ilyin and Andriy Voronin.

Dinamo Moskva currently play home matches at the Arena Khimki, which has a capacity of 18,636. They are due to move into a new stadium, the VTB Arena, in 2016.   

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