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EPL failing English youth, says Hodgson

Created on 17 Apr., 2013 5:28 PM GMT

England boss Roy Hodgson said he is concerned their international ambitions are restricted by the Premier League's thirst for foreigners.

The Three Lions boss is worried by the steep decline in home-grown players coming through the ranks in England's top flight, with clubs now far likely to scour the globe for new faces rather than looking to their youth setups.

Speaking at a League Managers' Association event, Hodgson conceded to a sense of restriction with his selection process, and admits the situation is not showing signs of improvement.

"Quite a few of the games I go to do not have any English players," he told Sky Sports.

"So, one has to be very careful these days when talking about the Premier League and talking about the Englishness of it, because more than two thirds of the players in the league are not English.

"We have one of the lowest number of home-grown players to choose from in all the leagues, which, if you are national team manager, is not a great advantage, to be frank."

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