Founded In
Reykjavík, Iceland

About Fram

Knattspyrnufélagið Fram, sometimes known as Fram Reykjavík and often known by the more simple name of Fram, was first established back in May 1908. The team have regularly challenged for the major honours in Icelandic football and have historically been one of the league's most successful sides. They are nicknamed 'Þeir Bláu', which translates to 'The Blues'; a reference to the primary colour of the team's home kit.

Based in the Laugardalur district of Reykjavík, Fram's main rivals include Valur and KR Reykjavík. Those two rivalries are primarily centred around local bragging rights, with the three clubs being the most heavily supported in the city. Traditionally, the derby with Valur has been the most significant and the rivalry was further intensified after Fram bought Danish striker Bo Henriksen from Valur in 2005.

Throughout history, Fram have won a total of 18 Icelandic league titles, with only KR and Valur having won more. Their first win came in 1913 and started a run of six consecutive league championships, while their their most recent title success occurred in 1990. In addition, they have enjoyed tremendous success in the domestic cup competitions, lifting the Icelandic Cup eight times and the Icelandic Super Cup six times. Over the years, they have participated in both the UEFA Champions League and the UEFA Cup, where they have competed against teams like Real Madrid and FC Barcelona.

Amongst the most notable players to have played for the club are Gudmundur Torfason, who was the Úrvalsdeild's Golden Boot winner and Player of the Year in 1986, and Pétur Ormslev, who scooped the same two awards the following season.

Fram's home games are held at Laugardalsvöllur, which opened in 1958 and also serves as the national team stadium. The venue is able to hold a maximum of 15,427 people, although FIFA regulations often mean that 5,627 of these seats cannot be used, taking the capacity down to 9,800.

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