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Controversial Katidis seeks new start in Italy

by Aris Georgiou

Giorgos Katidis, the Greek midfielder who created an international controversy last March with his Nazi-style salute celebration after scoring a goal, is leaving Greece for the Italian Serie B side Novara Calcio... Read more

AEK Athens' fall could be a blessing in disguise

by Aris Georgiou

Oil tycoon Dimitris Melissanidis is taking over again at AEK, with a swift return to the Super League and a new stadium in mind for the troubled Athens club. It must be the merriest relegation ever... Read more

Reducing the deficit: AEK Athens fight for survival

by Bradley King

"There were mistakes which altered the outcome of the match and confirmed once again that AEK's efforts this year are being undermined," read the unwavering official statement from AEK Athens in the wake of their latest defeat, a 1-0 defeat at... Read more