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Gareth Bale Fires Shot for New adidas Snapshot App

Created on 26 Jul., 2013 9:54 PM GMT

Adidas Snapshot is the first football tracking software for smartphones. Released on the iOS App Store, it records the speed, angle, and distance of a player's shot.

Gareth Bale was featured in the free application's web promo. The Tottenham star is shown booting a shot against a wall.

His rip clocked in at a blistering 78 mph. 

Upon opening the software, the user has three options, which include viewing their achievements on the leaderboards and past shots. To record their latest shot, the user must touch "Go." The app will then ask for the setting's lighting (day, night, or indoor) and the player's kicking foot. A live shot of the camera's view will then appear.

The user will be asked to aim the camera in such a manner that the ball will fit into a targeted area. Once the user touches the screen, the phone will begin to record. Tapping the screen again, after the shot is had, stops the tape, which is then analyzed by the software. A replay will then roll, marking the ball's movement. Above the shot, a ticker will display the shot's speed with its angle and distance shown at the screen's upper right. Results can be shared on Facebook or YouTube. Each shot is stored in the app's library, allowing the user to view their shot on-demand via slow motion replay.

The app offers users about 30 challenges, one of which involves cracking Bale's record.

Adidas Snapshot supports 18 languages, as well as ball sizes, 3, 4, and 5.

The main screen's upper right links the user to adidas's boot selection, allowing them to purchase the company's products straight from the app.

Though it was released for iPhone and iPod Touch, the company is yet to release an Android version.

The sporting goods outfit already has several applications out, including its established miCoach app. miCoach provides users with fitness plans for multiple sports such as soccer and basketball.

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