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Green: Rangers could quit Scotland

Created on 09 Jan., 2013 8:02 PM GMT

Rangers chief executive Charles Green says the club should leave Scottish football if reforms to the league system go ahead.

League bodies have agreed in principle to a new structure, in which the top two divisions would feature 12 teams, with 18 teams to compete in the third tier.

The Scottish Premier League and Scottish Football League are set to vote on the proposals this month.

Green has launched an attack on the plans - which could be implemented by the start of next season - and said Rangers may even leave Scottish football as a result.

"My advice to the board of Rangers is the quicker we can leave Scottish football the better," the chief executive told RangersTV.

"I can't see anything that is going to transform the finances, the status or the excitement.

"On first glance, of course, there is nowhere for us to go because FIFA have made their feelings known on cross-border leagues.

"Hand on heart today there isn't an option but that doesn't mean we shouldn't start looking for an option."

Green's grievance is based around the fact that, if the plans are approved, Rangers will remain in the third tier of Scottish football next year whether they win the Third Division title or not.

He said: "If this does happen what is the point of us finishing the season?

"Why should we send players out to get broken noses - like Ross Perry last week - or have players getting surgery when no-one can get promoted and no-one can get relegated.

"We might as well have a winter break now til next August. I can't see any point in carrying on with meaningless matches.

"In what league do you win a division and then end up playing the same teams again the following season? There is no meaning to it, in reality."

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