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Henry the New York provider

Created on 01 Oct., 2012 6:29 PM GMT

He may have scored 14 of New York's 54 goals this season, but it seems Thierry Henry is not so bad in a supporting role, either.

The former Arsenal legend supplied Markus Holgerssen to head home in a 4-1 win over Toronto on Saturday, before squaring selflessly to Kenny Cooper as his side close in on an Eastern Conference play-off place in the MLS.

"I've been doing that all my career. You've been waiting for me to come here to see me give goals? I've been doing that all my career. So my game hasn't changed," Henry said.

"Every now and then I'll try to have a go. But if I see a guy, most of the time in a better position than I, I'll try to pass it.

"Especially if you're four or five-nil up, you can try, right, but in a game where it's 1-1, 2-1, and they're pushing you've got to make sure you score, that's the only thing.

"So at times, like every single striker, you've got to be a bit greedy, right? But most of the time it's also nice if you pass the ball."

Goalscorer or provider, the 35-year-old may have a key role to play as New York go in search of their first MLS Cup.

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