Himan Ali Hazmi

"Darren Bent omission" remain a mystery

Dec 04, 2012 5:23 PM GMT

Last week we've witnessed the high and low of football from the bore draw of Chelsea till the "shambolic own goal" of Gareth Bale. But Paul Lambert decision to omit Darren Bent from the squad is something unexplainable. Forget the curious case of Benjamin button, the "case of Bent omission" was something more or less than a crime scene.

Did the lads done something wrong in the past to be left out from the game? No. So again we're left clueless. Perhaps the great Sherlock Holmes  wouldn't be called "great" if he end up solving this mystery. A couples of weeks ago Mancini did the same by dropping Balotelli out of the game but that I do understand. Balotelli has not been on form and his recent attitude is making everyone sick like a psychopath.   

I basically can't think of any valid reason to left bent out the squad. I was even stunned when Jordan Bowery was selected ahead of him in the bench. Yes I said "in the bench". Bowery was the summer signing from chesterfield and the lads has no real experience playing in the league. He only played a single game for villa and has not scored a goals yet, compared to bent who had played a total of 365 Premier League games scoring a total of 149 goals. Wouldn't that be something crazy? Yes it does. It seems that Lambert had now start to worry Sherlock Holmes ahead of his routine investigation.  

So what's next for Bent? sold in January? Perhaps it could happen. Big clubs with the likes of Liverpool and QPR has been heavily linked with a loan move for him. If Bent would move, I think it should be Liverpool. Aston Villa are not looking to sell their player at the moment but I think a tempting ridiculous bid from Liverpool would just settle the deal. Last season Villa bought Darren Bent on a record transfer of 24 Million from Sunderland and we have to be realistic that they're not going to get even half of the price they paid for it if the right bid does come. From the perspective of an Aston villa fan, Darren Bent is getting closer to Torres plus he's not in his prime right now. So it would be wonderful if Lambert cash him for some team player, perhaps a proper center-back or a midfielder. Altering the morale of the player in order to push for a transfer deal would be an ideal answer for the whole situation. But Liverpool won't sell their 35million donkey Andy Carroll, so does Aston Villa. Again we're left clueless.  

Another summer recruit Christian Benteke from Genk had done a brilliant job so far this season, scoring a total of 5 goals in 11 games in all competition. Not bad for a debutant in the English top flight. But was Benteke the reason Bent was left out? Perhaps It's still too early to answer that question.

I would love to see Darren Bent playing alongside him. I mean the two lads are physically strong, Benteke is good in set pieces while Darren can provide that killer move in the 6 yard box. I'm afraid Lambert has been left frustrated by the recent result when the last time they played together under a 4-4-2 formation against the mighty Southampton. They lost the game 4-1, so what? It's not Bent fault, it's the defender fault. Aston Villa defense has been quite pathetic to be honest. Lambert is trying to dictated a defensive game under the 4-4-1-1 formation and I have to be honest it's not always easy to defend for the whole season. It's easier to cover up all of those error with goals.

After all, goals are the reason why football exist. Yet again we're left clueless and the great Sherlock Holmes might had just left his post this time stunned by the unexplainable mystery of the scene.