Ilūkstes NSS

Ilūkste, Latvia

About Ilūkstes NSS

Ilūkstes Novada Sporta Skola, known more simply as Ilūkstes NSS, was first established back in 1988 under the name Zemgale Ilūkste. Throughout history, the team have spent much of their time outside of Latvia's top division and have struggled to establish themselves as one of the country's top teams, although they have made occasional appearances in the top flight. Currently, the club is associated with the Sports School of the Ilūkste Municipality.

During the end of the Soviet era, the team competed in the Latvian SSR Higher League, achieving mid-table finishes in the division. Ahead of the 1992 season, the club earned the right to participate in the newly-created Latvian Virslīga. However, they struggled in the division and finished bottom of the league table, sufferring relegation down to the country's second tier in the process. In 1993, they did not enrol in the league and effectively disbanded for several years.

After returning to the second tier in 1997, the club suffered relegation to Latvia's third level, the Latvian Second League, where they remained until 2006. In 2007, they spent a single season back in the second tier, but were relegated back to the third level straightaway. The club have completed a dramatic climb through the leagues in recent years, winning the Latvian Second League in 2011, then finishing as runners up in the Latvian First League in 2012. As a result, they made their return to the Virslīga for the 2013 campaign.

Throughout the years, several Latvian international players have started their careers with the club, with some of the notable examples including Ritus Krjauklis, Andris Vaņins, Aleksandrs Jeļisejevs and Jurijs Žigajevs.

Ilūkstes NSS play home games at Ilūkstes Pilsētas Stadions. Despite undergoing renovations ahead of the 2013 season, it is one of the smaller venues to have graced the Virslīga, and is able to hold a maximum of 300 spectators.

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