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Juventus date not imperative, says Mazzarri

Created on 01 Mar., 2013 7:54 AM GMT

Napoli coach Walter Mazzarri has spoken about the importance of his side's clash against Juventus, but believes it is not a title decider.

With Juventus sitting six points clear atop the Serie A, Friday's encounter at the Stadio San Paolo is crucial for Napoli, who must avoid defeat.

But with 11 league games remaining after the clash, Mazzarri said there was a long way to go, regardless of the result.

"I wouldn't define it a game that's worth the Scudetto, first of all because we still have 11 games to play and anything can happen in the future," he said.

"After tomorrow's game we can gain another 33 points in 11 games, but another part of me is saying it will be an important match, really emotional and a great show.

"Games against Juventus have always represented something special for Napoli supporters and we all feel the importance of the game, but we're also used to it because we've already played against them many times.

"Sometimes with positive results and sometimes with negative ones, but we already some great moments."

Juventus coach Antonio Conte also played down the importance of the encounter in his pre-match press conference on Thursday.

Mazzarri said his side wanted to attack Juventus but could be forced to adjust if Conte's men get on the front foot early.

"Napoli lead the game when they can. We attack when the opponent will allow us to attack, as we have seen against Sampdoria or against Udinese," he said.
"We attack much more than our opponent, when we manage, but then there are strong opponents that don't allow our attacking attitude and in those cases we are forced to defend.

"The important thing is to always give all that we have and all that we can."

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