Founded In
Asunción, Paraguay

About Libertad

Club Libertad, often known more simply as Libertad, was first established in the Tuyucuá district of Asunción back in July 1905. Historically, they have been the most successful club in the country outside of Paraguay's traditional big two teams, Olimpia and Cerro Porteño. As a result, they have also established themselves as one of the country's most popular sides and have represented their country in a number of international competitions. The team have several nicknames, including Los Repolleros and Los Gumarelo

Libertad have a long-standing rivalry with Club Olimpia and within Paraguay, the matches between the two have become known as the Black and White Derby. This is a reference to the fact that black and white are the colours which make up both teams' playing kits and club crests.

The team first experienced major domestic success during Paraguay's amateur era, winning league titles in the 1910, 1917, 1920 and 1930 seasons. Since the league was professionalised, Libertad have enjoyed further success, amassing a total of 16 Primera División titles throughout history. This haul includes recent wins in the 2008 Apertura, the 2008 Clausura, the 2010 Clausura and the 2012 Clausura. In addition, the side have collected one league title in the División Intermedia, with that win coming in 2000. 

Away from domestic competition, the club have competed in the Copa Libertadores and the Copa Sudamericana on multiple occasions. In both 1977 and 2006, they were able to reach the semi final stage of the Copa Libertadores and these two seasons mark their best performances in international competition to date.

The Estadio Dr. Nicolás Léoz currently hosts the team's home matches. The venue, which first opened in 2005, is named after Nicolás Léoz, who is a former Libertad club president and the current president of the South American Football Confederation. The stadium is able to hold a maximum of 10,000 supporters.

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