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Liverpool - bleeding red

Created on 12 Nov., 2012 7:03 AM GMT

Brendan Rodgers is a good man and one day he may become a great manager. He has the eye for what entertaining football looks like and he has the kind of heart that enables players to love him but what he doesn’t have right now is a winner’s mentality.

For the last three months he has lauded his team with the following post match comments…”they were amazing, they were magnificent, I’m so proud of my team, I couldn't’t have asked for more, we’re on the right track”.

There is a problem with this line of verbiage though, Liverpool are never on the right end of a result when their manager lauds the team. It feels to me that Liverpool FC and Brendan Rodgers are living in a different world to the one the rest of us inhabit.

I think we are at the point that Liverpool need to be relegated. Yes, relegated, an outrageous, inflammatory statement that would provoke nothing but ire however sometimes you must hit bottom before you can rise again.

There is something wrong with Liverpool FC but no one seems to know what it truly is.

Starting from the top, you have to ask whether it’s the owners.

Under the Moores family and the Littlewoods Empire, the club went from also-rans to the greatest club in the world until David Moores took full control. Perhaps Moores was asleep when the decline began but he was awake when he decided to cash out to the snake oil salesman, Americans, Tom Hick and George Gillett.

Now, karma is the strangest topic to bring into an article at the midway point but it’s only just come to me. The Littlewoods Empire was built on people losing money, not the most noble of businesses if we’re being truly honest. Karma?

In 32 years from 1959 to 1991 the club has five managers, Bill Shankly, Bob Paisley, Joe Fagan, Kenny Dalglish and Ronnie Moran while in the proceeding 21 years they’ve had seven managers, Graeme Souness, Roy Evans, Gerard Houllier, Phil Evans (caretaker), Rafa Benitez, Roy Hodgson, Kenny Dalglish and Brendan Rodgers – not a staggering difference compared to a Real Madrid or an Inter Milan but for a club of legendary stability, this is turnover of an almost inhuman nature.

Then you have the players!!!

Let’s look at some of the major players who last won the title for Liverpool and rate them…honestly.

Bruce Grobbelaar (eccentric but brilliant), Alan Hansen (Scotland’s last world class defender), John Barnes (a Liverpool legend), Steve McMahon (warrior), Peter Beardsley (a genius), Kenny Dalglish (the no.7), Ian Rush (a goal scorer)

Look at the current squad that is challenging for the title…honestly

Steven Gerrard (old), Luis Suarez (brilliant) – a short-list eh!

The time has come to have a serious introspection. Stop with the thoughts that the club is a title pretender. Take the cups where you can and build properly for the league. Follow the Barcelona model, it may take twenty years as it did for the Spaniards to really figure it out but forget this obsession with the league.

If Brendan Rodgers is to succeed he's got to develop a ruthless streak. If he can't, then it's time to hire a coach that does and his name is Jose Mourinho.

The you’ll be able to walk alone.

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