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Luis Suarez is a hungry man

Created on 21 Apr., 2013 6:21 PM GMT

Luis Suarez of Liverpool Football Club has many qualities. Some are exceptional especially when talking about his footballing skills while others border on the insane when discussing just about anything else he does on the pitch. This Sunday, Suarez showcased everything in his locker with a Jekyll and Hyde performance against Chelsea.

In the second half of a spicy contest, Luis Suarez was tangling with Chelsea's Branislav Ivanovic and bit the defender on his right shoulder. That's right, Suarez opened his mouth and attempted to take a chunk of flesh. And the crazy thing is this, Suarez has previous!!!

In 2010 Suarez was playing for Ajax in the Eredivisie and bit an opponent earning himself a seven match ban. This time around I would image the Football Association are going to throw a lot more at Liverpool's troubled genius.

This is the same Luis Suarez who received a lengthy ban after the Patrice Evra racial incident. This is the same Luis Suarez who cheated during the quarter-finals of the World Cup in 2010 versus Ghana. This is the same Luis Suarez who has now heaped shame onto Liverpool Football Club.

Suarez has been making noises for the last few months about moving from Anfield and this incident will hasten that desire. Despite 30 goals for the Reds this season, Suarez has proven to be nothing but trouble for a institution that is struggling to reclaim former glories. How Reds manager, Brendan Rodgers talks his way out of this one will be one of the great Houdini escapes of the year.

Luis Suarez is a troubled, disturbed individual and until he sorts out his troubled mental state, he has no right being on a football pitch with the rest of society. I recommend some lengthy counselling sessions because he needs help. 

And the icing on the cake, he's short listed for the PFA Player of the Year...what a joke.

Right, I'm off, time for a snack

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