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Malesani accepts fans' protests

Created on 07 Feb., 2013 12:40 AM GMT

Palermo coach Alberto Malesani says the demonstration organised by fans ahead of his appointment is normal under the circumstances.

President Maurizio Zamparini's car was reportedly targeted by the fans, who are unhappy with the unrest at the club.

Malesani is the third appointment of the Serie A campaign for Palermo and the new coach said the fans' protest was understandable.

"Yesterday's protest was normal and I did not see anything barbaric," Malesani told reporters at his unveiling on Wednesday.

The 58-year-old coach said he was looking forward to meeting his players when they return from their international commitments towards the end of the week.

"Unfortunately, I won't be able to work with many of the core players for a few days, as they are away on international duty," Malesani said.

"(When they return) there will be a discussion on tactics, but right now the most important aspect is the psychological one, so we are working on that first of all."

Malesani also said he would be looking towards the experience of his senior players to help him in the early stages of his new job.

"Fabrizio Miccoli and Massimo Donati have experience and that can be crucial in these situations. I will rely heavily on those two, especially when it comes to the locker room environment," he said.

"I think positive and after seeing the statistics I told the president this team has a great midfield. I will try to make the most of these players."

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