Nick Webster

Manchester United won't win the Premiership

Created on 21 Aug., 2012 4:25 AM GMT

Last May, Manchester United lost their Premiership tilte on goal difference to their crosstown rivals, Manchester City This season it won't be nearly as close because the Red Devils are falling behind the 'noisy neighbors' faster than a lead balloon and the reasons for this are crystal clear.

1. Sir Alex Ferguson, the most successful manager in the history of world football is passed it. The accumalation of 26 seasons managing United have finally taken their toll and he no longer has the force of personality to change a match. His sideline act has, I hate to say, become old.

2. Talking of old, is there a more washed up centerback in English football than Rio Ferdinand Like his beloved manager, Rio has seen better days and would be far better off sticking to twitter than attempting to impersonate the world class player that he once was. It's time to retire or move onto your next career, in fashion.

3. Michael Carrick. is in his 6th year at Old Trafford and has yet to convince anybody of his worth in the squad, let alone the starting XI. If this is the answer to the hole left by Roy Keane, I'd safely say that the hole has never been filled. Carrick is the prototype player for the phrase 'flatter to deceive" - 13 goals in six years...please!

4. When Paul Scholes returned from his self imposed retirement last season, it felt as though time had stood still. The 'Ginger Prince' continued to have the goods. The passing, the immaculate control, the eye for a goal and of course the ill-timed challenge but time waits for no man and the heart of a Premiership midfield is no place for a man with a thousand miles under his belt.

5. Where is the depth of squad that we've seen fro previous seasons? Against Everton, the first match of the new Premiership season, only two recognized started the match. Injuries not withstanding, that's a shocking indictment of a failed transfer policy.

6. If Robin van Persie is the answer to taking the title back from City, I'm a Dutchman's Uncle.

7. After two seasons wearing the red shirt in Old Trafford, Cristiano Ronaldo was the king of Manchester and England. His replacement and fellow countryman, Nani,has not been able to get anywhere near the heights despite having the faith of his manager. It's time to cut bait.

8. The Glazer family increasingly seem more intent with taking money out of the club in the form of managment fees than investing in players. With a youth policy that no longer generates the quality of the 'fledglings' the future is as dark as Morrisey on a stormy Manchester evening.

9. Every Empire must eventually desintergrate and it's United's time.

You heard it hear first.

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