Ordino, Andorra

About Ordino

Futbol Club Ordino, usually known more simply as Ordino, is based in the parish of Ordino and was first established in 2010. They are curently the youngest team competing in the Andorran Primera Divisió and their rise to prominence within the country has occurred at a rapid pace. Indeed, the club only gained admission into the league system in 2012 and they made their league debut in the second tier for the 2012-13 campaign.

The team found their feet very quickly and the 2012–13 Segona Divisió season brought about huge success for Ordino, as they announced themselves on the scene within Andorran football in spectacular fashion and dominated the division. Over the course of the entire campaign, the club did not drop a single point, as they won 22 games out of 22 and topped the final league table; a full 22 points ahead of their closest title rivals, Lusitanos B.

Ordino secured a number of high-scoring wins throughout the campaign and their dominance is further demonstrated by the fact that they scored 119 goals and conceded just 10 to record a goal difference of +109. The club's best result during the season was a 12-0 victory over Penya Encarnada d'Andorra, while they also beat the same opposition 12-1 in their other meeting. As a result of their impressive league performance, they gained promotion to the Primera Divisió for the first time. Their debut in the Copa Constitució, meanwhile, saw them reach the quarter-finals. 

Ordino play all of their league and cup fixtures at either the Estadi Comunal d'Andorra la Vella or the DEVK-Arena, where all of the country's major football matches take place. The Estadi Comunal d'Andorra la Vella is able to hold 850 supporters, while the DEVK-Arena is slightly larger, with a maximum capacity of 1,000.

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