Paul Andrews

Paddy Crerand in radio rant

Created on 10 Dec., 2012 9:11 PM GMT

Former Manchester United midfielder Paddy Crerand embarked on a furious rant on British radio on Monday morning and I think he's spot on.

Why should players have tone down celebrations? We're talking the biggest match of the season, the derby and it's been won with the last kick of the match. Who wouldn't want to celebrate.

Crerand was speaking in the wake of Sunday's Manchester derby, during which United's Rio Ferdinand suffered a cut to his eye caused by a coin thrown from the crowd amid the celebrations of Robin van Persie's winner. The United legend, Crerand, reacted angrily when faced with the question as to whether players should tone down their celebrations in order to avoid provoking opposition supporters.

"Who said that? That is ridiculous," he said on BBC Radio Five Live. "What planet do they live on?

“That is absolute garbage. How many people have phoned you up? One, two, three? How many? Why make a statement like that if you haven't got (the number of listeners) to hand … if you haven't got the evidence?"

The 73-year-old even asked the show's presenter Chris Warburton whether the suggestion was 'a publicity stunt', prompting another presenter to interject and clarify the question.

"Ask me a sensible question and don't talk stupid, asking me daft questions about whether fans should celebrate or not," Crerand said.

And Crerand leapt to defend Ferdinand against any suggestion that he was responsible for celebrating in front of City fans.

"Rio Ferdinand was nowhere near where the home fans were," he said.

"He gets struck by a coin that someone has thrown from about 15 or 20 yards, it wasn't as if he was standing in front of their supporters jumping up and down."

Crerand gets a lot of stick from some members of the media but I say he's always honest and his heart is in the right place. It was obvious that the City fans were spoiling for a fight after the way they've thrown away the points and Crerand is perfectly placed to have an opinion. The man has afterall been there, done that and he's got the T-shirt to prove it

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