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Peñarol Anniversary, 122 years of rich history

Created on 28 Sept., 2013 7:43 PM GMT

On September 28, Peñarol celebrates 122 years of life. It has been 122 years full of glory, of titles, and of joys. Peñarol holds all of the aspects to be considered one of the largest institutions in the world of football.

In 1900, Peñarol was one of the four charter members of the Uruguay Football Association League, officially debuting in the local competition on June 10 of that year against Albion, and won 2-1. That year the railroad club won its first championship. This was just the beginning of many glorious years to come for Peñarol.

Founded as the Central Uruguay Railway Cricket Club (CURCC) on 28 September 1891, the club changed its name to Club Atlético Peñarol in 1913. This reform was informed to the Uruguayan Football League and was approved by it and its entire member club.

Since the start of the professional era in 1932 , Peñarol is one of only two clubs that have participated in each of the Uruguayan championship seasons . Additionally, the club was crowned the most undefeated champion in the professionalism era ( 1949 , 1954 , 1964 , 1967 , 1968 , 1975 and 1978 ) . The best years were in 1949 and 1964, which Penarol ended the championship with 94.44 % of the points earned that were in disputed.

Peñarol is the club that has won more professional championships in Uruguay, with 38 tournaments. If the amateur period is taken into consideration (1900 – 1932), Peñarol has the most championships in the history of Uruguayan football, adding the amateur and professional totals to 49 championships.

At the international level, Peñarol is the first champion of the Copa Libertadores of America which occurred in 1960. Peñarol went on to win it four more times. Currently, Peñarol is the third-highest Copa Libertadores winner with five championships.

In September 2009, Peñarol was chosen as the South American club of the century by The International Federation of Football History & Statistics (IFFHS).

Peñarol's history sums it all up, it’s not only one of the biggest club in Uruguay but in the world. Felicidades to all Peñarolenses.

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