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Peñarol: Three players would rather salsa than play football

Created on 04 Sept., 2013 12:26 AM GMT

On Saturday, When Diego Alonso gave the list of the 18-man squad it was surprising that Jorge Rodriguez and Mauro Fernandez were not on the list.  

Alonso stated his decision to exclude these players from the match was because of a disciplinary reason and that he would discuss the issue after the game.  

Thanks to social media the word spread around quickly and before Alonso could address the issue. The fans found out the players had gone out on Thursday night. Also that Carlos Nunez was involved. However Nunez's name not being on a list did not come with any surprise because of an injury he picked up in the last game  

To make matter worse, on Saturday, what was supposed to be an "easy win" for Peñarol  turned into a complete embarrassment. Peñarol  defence were horrendous and Rentistas took advantage and put three behind the net to win it. 

After the match, Alonso want back on his words and refused to comment any further on the issue. He just stated it would be handle internally and the players would receive a sanction. It is known the players have received an economic penalty but no details were released.  

Did Alonso handle the issue accordingly and is an economic sanction sufficient? The  issue could have been handled better. Alonso should have not said he would discuss the issue in the press conference and then refuse to. As for the economic penalty, there is nothing wrong with that. Clearly, the players are not aware of their responsibilities and they need to be reminded.   A more efficient penalty might be to sit the players out for a few games along with the economic penalty. However, benching players puts Peñarol in a dilemma since they have not been performing well. In the Sudamericana Cup, Peñarol did not pass the first round and in the Apertura have not won a match yet.   

The football player is a human being, and has the same needs as everyone else and it is not others business what players do in the after hours. These are the common arguments to defend athletes when issues like these arise. However, when an athlete's actions off the field are affecting his performance, the fans are not in the wrong to judge. Fans complete the sport cycle. Without any fans there would be no sports team. Hopefully, the economic penalty will make these player think twice about going out a day or two before a game.  

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