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Pellegrini: I'm top dog

Created on 15 Feb., 2014 5:16 PM GMT

Manuel Pellegrini has said that he is ready to show that he and his team are better than Jose Mourinho and Chelsea, by knocking them out of the FA Cup.

Mourinho was hailed as tactical genius for giving Cith their first home loss this season when his Chelsea side beat City 1-0 at the Etihad.

But Pellegrini beleives he was not out-thought by the Special One, who has become his nemisis in recent seasons in England and Spain.

"I am absoloutely sure that in the previous game it was not a problem with tatics." He told the Daily Mirror.

"The squad had a lot of changes and we had three or four chances before they scored.

"If we'd scored first, the result could have been different but the tactics would have been the same.

"We know exactly the way Chelsea attack and the way they defend and I will continue to think in exactly the same way."

Pellegrini has won just once in the nine games that he has faced Mourinho, but said: "The record you are talking about is mainly Malaga against Real Madrid.

"If you take the average of that fixture, you will see Madrid normally beat Malaga. We beat Madrid once.

"This year there have been two wins for Mourinho, it's important we review the game but it's not a problem for me- I dont play against him."

City's lineup will be boosted from the last meeting with the return of Samir Nasri and Javi Garcia from injury, although Sergio Aguero, Fernanadinho and Matija Nasatasic remain sidelined.

The City boss added: "Nasri is not ready to play 90 minutes, but it will be ueful for him to play some minutes."

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