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Qatar not opposed to winter World Cup

Created on 26 Sept., 2012 8:36 PM GMT

The organisers of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar have revealed that they would be willing to host the tournament in the winter.

The World Cup traditionally runs over June and July, but concerns over the heat and humidity during the Qatari summer have called for a re-think.

Though Qatar's preference would be to host the competition during the summer, they are prepared to reschedule should the global football community demand it.

"Our position hasn't changed," a Qatar 2022 Supreme Committee spokesman told CNN.

"We've always reiterated that we entered the bidding race with the intention of hosting in the summer and are continuing with our plans to deliver a World Cup in the summer unless there is a unified consensus among the international football community for alternative plans."

Should the World Cup be moved to winter, it would clash with European domestic league seasons.

But UEFA president Michel Platini is unconcerned and believes that a compromise could easily be reached to postpone campaigns.

"We have to go to Qatar when it is good for everybody to participate. What is better for the fans?" he told the London Evening Standard.

"In 10 years we can manage to decide how we can postpone the season for one month. January is difficult for the World Cup because you have the Winter Olympic Games.

"If we stop from 2 November to 20 December it means, instead of finishing in May, we stop in June. It is not a big problem. It is for the good of the World Cup, the most important competition in the world."

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