Hyder Jawad

Rafael Benitez: the point of no return (again)

Created on 28 Feb., 2013 4:09 PM GMT

Rafael Benítez has reached the point of no return at Chelsea, which is not a surprise, especially as he had already reached the point of no return in 2007. So, it is back to the future, then.

The fans do not like him because he once said “stuff” about them – harmless stuff, actually, but “stuff” nevertheless – and now we have the ultimate dichotomy: they want him to fail but Chelsea to succeed.

"We don't care about Rafa,” some Chelsea fans sang during the match away to Middlesbrough in the FA Cup on Wednesday night (which Chelsea won 2-0).

Benitez’s response was to tell the truth in a way that alienated him further from the fans and, by extension, from the club. Here, the truth was not a virtue because the situation is unnatural. In unnatural situations, it is better to say nothing or, better still, to tell lies like, "the fans pay may wages so they are welcome to treat me like crap".

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