Hyder Jawad

Rafael Benitez: the point of no return (again)

Created on 28 Feb., 2013 8:03 PM GMT

A tactical error

But Benitez made the tactical error of using rational argument. “This group of fans is not doing any favours to the team, while they are wasting time singing and preparing banners. They have to concentrate on supporting the team. Every game they continue singing and preparing banners they are wasting time. They have to take responsibility. They need to support the team. They have to realise they are making a big mistake because the rest of the fans would like to see the team in the Champions League next year. They are not the majority but if that group of fans continues with their agenda, they are not supporting the team.”

It would be futile to ask, “Where did it all go wrong?” because the situation was never right in the first place. It would even be futile to ask, “What was Roman Abramovich thinking?” because there is not much evidence that Abramovich thinks much about the consequences of his actions. If he did think, he would have realised that the Benítez-Chelsea coalition was a car crash before anybody had even bought the car. (Coalitions tend not to work in the UK).

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