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Rayo president slams 'football terrorism'

Created on 24 Sept., 2012 4:46 PM GMT

The clash between Real Madrid and Rayo Vallecano in the Spanish capital, which was due to take place on Sunday, was put off by 24 hours after the lights at Estadio de Vallecas failed to operate and could not be immediately repaired.

Presa had on Sunday night told the Spanish media that 'vandals' had sabotaged the wiring at the ground, and he has since endorsed his viewpoint by claiming that 'football terrorism' was to blame for the problem.

"This is a new kind of terrorism, a football terrorism where a few prevent the fans attending a show," he told reporters on Monday.

"About 7pm yesterday (Sunday), when we tested the lighting, technicians tested the lights and there was no lighting. Given this, the technicians went up to the stands to see what happened and realized that there are 57 cut wires. All of them were going to the mains.

"We have undertaken a special device to manage the crisis. At 9am, the scientific police presented themselves at the club. Two-and-a-half-hours later they finished and gave way to a team of electricians who have worked to restore everything."

The club chief confirmed that the system will be tested later on Monday afternoon, with the postponed fixture due to take place at 5:45pm GMT.

"At 3pm there will be a test of ignition sources. It will be quite tedious, because we have to light it one by one," he said.

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