Simon Allen

Rivalry Day in MLS

Created on 15 Mar., 2013 3:40 AM GMT

It's always a pleasure getting emails from around the globe from people who listen to the podcast. The best ones are from folks who aren't Major League Soccer fans but have been turned on to the league after listening to me comment about one subject or another. MLS footprint is getting bigger and bigger each year but the goal hasn't changed much since day one-Get those folks in America who watch La Liga or the Prem to switch over and watch MLS. With that said Saturday March 16th 2013 (and Sunday March 17th) is Rivalry Day at MLS.

Rivalry Day is a weekend of soccer where the fiercest rivals in MLS play each other. The matches are pretty intense as any supporters group member will tell you. The best thing about Rivalry Day is that ALL the matches are televised. Here's the schedule.

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