Simon Allen

Rivalry Day in MLS

Created on 15 Mar., 2013 3:34 AM GMT

The LA derby

On Sunday, Soccer fans will have the biggest Rivalries displayed for their viewing pleasure. The Texas Derby and The One True Derby in America- Los Angeles Galaxy Vs Chivas USA. I think the biggest competition for eyes on telly sets won't be other matches. It will be Beer! The Sunday portion of the Rivalry Day falls on Saint Patricks Day. One of the biggest drinking days of the Calendar Year for Bar owners. I have a feeling drinking establishments will not have any TV's on whatsoever.

The Key to Rivalry Day will be “MLS Breakaway.” Americans Love Goals. So promoting MLS with a snippet show of the day's best will certainly attract new viewers who weren't too sure about domestic soccer. The commentators will have to work harder as perhaps more eyes will be on them this weekend than ever before. There would have to be a real balancing act when it comes to scripts and commentary.

How do you let the not-so-hard-core fans of MLS into the conversation while talking intelligently with the knowledgeable fans? Get too technical and you will lose the newbies, go too basic and you might end up losing the die hards! Fans are a fickle bunch, I'm sure some will not tune in because it's the same old commentators saying the same old things.

How will “MLS Breakaway” bring something new to the table? If this is a showpiece event then rehashing the same thing with better graphics and catchier intro-music won't cut it. The soccer will speak for itself (be it good or bad) so I'm hoping “Breakaway” will blow peoples minds and do a great job bringing more people into the League. Watch this Space America!

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