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Rodgers unfazed by Reds debt

Created on 09 Mar., 2013 10:55 AM GMT

Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers expects to be fully backed in the transfer market, despite a spike in the club's debt.

The Merseyside club announced an 87.2-million-pound debt on Monday, a rise of 21.8 million over the 10-month period leading into April 2012.

However, Rodgers has been assured by current owners Fenway Sports Group that the will not impact his spending power.

"In terms of me building the squad, I've already got the assurances that it won't affect anything," Rodgers told reporters.

"They've made every promise and every commitment to me that every single penny that they have will go in to regenerate the squad and make it better.

"We won't be able to do it like some clubs and throw out masses each year. But we're looking to make sure we can grow the club and bring in quality players - and that won't stop."

Liverpool were purchased by FSG in 2010 in a deal worth 300 million pounds and Rodgers feels the club have progressed under the American group.

"If you look at where the club was at four years ago, and where it is now, it's in a different place," he said.

"Of course, there's still debts there and there have been announcements made on that. I think next year's results will show further improvement on that.

"You have to give massive credit to the board here. FSG took on an astronomical amount of debt, over 400 million pounds. Where it's at now, given the short time they've been here, is a huge credit to them, and they're still supporting the investment in the team."

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