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Ronaldo wary of Klose's talent

Created on 28 Nov., 2012 9:27 AM GMT

Former Brazil international Ronaldo is concerned that Miroslav Klose could break his World Cup goalscoring record.

The Lazio striker is aiming to beat Ronaldo's long-standing record of scoring 15 goals in World Cup matches, and will draw level if he grabs a goal in the 2014 finals in Brazil.

"That worries me a little bit, but not much," Ronaldo said.

"I think my history, and his history are separate, everyone makes their own story.

"Regardless, if Klose does score in the World Cup and he matches me or surpasses me, I know my history will not be erased by this.

"Therefore, I have a small concern, but there is no envy, since he's playing and I'm not. We both have our own stories, mine has already been written but he is writing his now. It is what it is."

The 36-year-old also had advised Santos star Neymar that Europe would suit the young sensation.

"It is very good, the possibility of living in Europe," Ronaldo said.

"It really transforms a football player into a real man, especially a Brazilian football player who has the chance to play in Europe.

"He will have a great opportunity, both culturally, educationally and in sport to learn as much as possible. I think I learnt a lot, I was really dedicated to learning as much as I could in Europe, it was fantastic learning.

"I lived in Europe for 18 years, so I can affirm that for me, no university in the world could teach everything I learned playing football there.

"I would recommend it. Apart from conquering the world of football, it is a huge cultural learning opportunity for a player and it is an opportunity that you shouldn't miss."

When posed the question of Lionel Messi or his namesake Cristiano Ronaldo, the Brazilian answered definitely.

"Messi. I think both are fantastic players, they are the two best in the world, absolutely," he enthused. "But I think Messi still enchants more fans."

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