Ronaldo - will he return home to Manchester?

Created on 05 Jun., 2013 2:57 AM GMT

It's that time of the year again. We are just under a month away from the summer transfer window opening, and the speculation is already in full flow. I will be discussing the future of Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo, and deciding whether a move away from the Santiago Bernabeu is right for him, or if he should stay at the club he always dreamed to play for.

Rumours started way back in early September when the Portugese international stated he was 'sad' at Madrid, and decided not to celebrate his goal in their 3-0 victory over Granada in La Liga.
"I'm sad - when I don't celebrate goals it's because i'm not happy." Ronaldo said. 
These comments sparked all sorts of rumours amongst the press and the social media. The main story, as always when it comes to Cristiano, was that he would be returning 'home' to Manchester United, the club where his career really gained momentum. Speculation somewhat cooled down, however, due to the success Ronaldo brought to United, and his impact on the fans, these stories just could not go away.

On the 5th March, 2013, the second leg of Manchester United vs. Real Madrid in the UEFA Champions League took place at Old Trafford. This event really renovated the concept of a Ronaldo return after his body language during the game, and what he said in his post-match interview. Ronaldo said he was 'sad for Manchester United' after his side knocked them out of the Champions League with a 3-2 aggregate score. He also said he 'has no words' for how he feels after an incredible reaction from the Red Devil's crowd.

Finally, the story that excites the Red team from Manchester the most, is the news that Cristiano Ronaldo has put his house up for sale in Madrid. The advert appeared online on a Spanish housing agency called 'Promora' and within weeks has become known to football fans around the world via social networking site Twitter. Stories that his old house in Manchester is still owned by him, and being vacated before July gives that extra hope to United fans that they may well be getting their superstar back.

So where does the future lie for Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro? In my opinion, Ronaldo will make his decision based on where he will get the most success. The loss of Sir Alex Ferguson at Manchester United may be a factor for him opting to stay at Madrid, as the prospect of working under new boss David Moyes doesn't inspire the same confidence as it would had Sir Alex still been at the club. Since appearing onto the national stage, Ronaldo made it very clear his dream was to play for Spanish side Real Madrid, and in 2009, that dream became a reality. To me, the door is wide open for what will happen to Cristiano in the future. If he decides to leave Real Madrid, it's no secret that there will be a long list of clubs in the waiting to secure his signature, however Manchester United fans would like to think that his heart remains in Manchester. Whether he stays, or whether he leaves, Ronaldo is a player that would be adored by the fans at any club, and would be a huge factor in bringing great success to whichever team manages to secure the 28-year old.