Rubio Ñú

Founded In
Asunción, Paraguay

About Rubio Ñú

Club Rubio Ñú was established in the Santísima Trinidad neighbourhood of Asunción back in August 1913. Originally founded by a group of friends from the area, historically, the team have bounced up and down between the various tiers of the Paraguayan league system, failing to fully establish themselves as a top flight side. Their primary rivals are Sportivo Trinidense, another team from the same part of the city, who have also spent much of their history moving up and down through the league system.

Soon after the club's foundation, Rubio Ñú joined the 'Liga Centenario', a league formed by teams which had broken away from the Paraguayan FA. However, the league soon dissolved and the club began to compete in the lower leagues of the Paraguayan FA's 'Liga Paraguaya'. During the 1930s, the club merged with two other sides from the area, Club Flor de Mayo and Club Itá Ybaté.

The team made its first appearance in the Paraguayan FA's top flight after winning the Second Division in 1926. Since that time, football in the country has become fully professionalised and Rubio Ñú have made occasional appearances in the Primera División. Their most recent promotion came at the conclusion of the 2008 season. However, the club has spent a significant amount of time in the lower tiers of the league system, competing in the third tier as recently as 2005. In total, they have been crowned as champions of the second tier on seven occasions and the third tier on three occasions, but have yet to win a major trophy in the top flight.

Over the years, a number of full Paraguayan international footballers have played for Rubio Ñú, with some of the more notable examples including Néstor Camacho, Gustavo Cristaldo, Osvaldo Hobecker, Éric Ramos and José Devaca.

Rubio Ñú's home games are played at the Estadio La Arboleda, which first opened back in 1970. The venue currently holds a maximum of 4,500 spectators.

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