Simon Allen

Selling Sexy Soccer in 2013

Created on 27 Feb., 2013 9:51 AM GMT

With the new season of MLS fast approaching and the third incarnation of Domestic Women's Soccer on it's way, American Soccer bigwigs are furiously trying to sell soccer to even more Americans who perhaps haven't been fans of the sport. It's a curious time to be a soccer fan in America. MLS' iconic talisman is off in Paris and some of those seats may be empty in arenas around the US because of that.

The women's game has to keep the existing fans as well as convince casual fans that the domestic game is just as exciting as watching the women play at the Olympics or The Women's World Cup. Essentially Soccer has to be sold to more types of Americans with varying degrees of knowledge more now than ever before. So how do the soccer head-honchos get Americans to notice the sport?

Sex sells!

We all know this and the sooner a product is sexualized the sooner the money starts rolling in.

I was talking to Vanessa Valentine, GM of the USL-W-League's Los Angeles Strikers on an episode of The World Wide Soccer Podcast about the sexualization of American soccer and if it did indeed help sell the Sport of Soccer in America.

Perhaps even more so with Women's Soccer in America.

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