Simon Allen

Selling Sexy Soccer in 2013

Created on 27 Feb., 2013 6:57 PM GMT

Artistry, skill,!

I remember talking to a bigwig at the now defunct WPS about advertising and getting the word out about the new league. The subject of calendars came up and I was told that the main goal was to bring in fans to enjoy the artistry, skill and passion of the players and not to see how “sexy” they looked in their uniforms. Meanwhile across the Home Depot Center, David Beckham was walking around and being oh-ed and ah-ed at by women waiting to catch a glimpse of the superstar player.

Women's soccer in America is brilliant. Arguably we have the best players in the world honing their craft in the W-League and NWSL. Fans of Women's soccer will flock to the stadium to watch their favorite players but those numbers aren't as large as folks would want them to be.

It's no secret that Women's sports are a harder sell and there are plenty of reasons given by fans not to watch Women's sports. So does sexy-ing up Soccer (especially Women's Soccer) do anything for the sport itself? It's debatable to say the least.