Simon Allen

Selling Sexy Soccer in 2013

Created on 27 Feb., 2013 7:12 PM GMT

The beauty of the sport

When all was said and done, Beckham got more people into the stadium to watch his feet... not his bum. And...Women's teams all across America have always promoted good soccer over hype. It will be easier to sell the game on the men's side. Soccer has learned its lesson in the hype department. Dog and Pony shows didn't help the NASL.

DB23 and Freddie Ljundberg underwear ads didn't really help MLS much either. What ended up making fans and more importantly keeping fans was the soccer itself. The harder sell (this season) will be The Women's Game.  Savvy ad-types will fore go the amateur “sell the sizzle and not the steak” mantra and promote the sport in innovative and creative ways.

The new soccer season is upon us here in the United States and we're at a point in history where the fan is smart enough to appreciate the beauty of the sport instead of just the beauties in the sport.

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