Simon Allen

Six Predictions for the 2013 MLS Season

Created on 27 Feb., 2013 9:57 AM GMT

With the New MLS season just days away I'm getting the usual calls asking the questions that are always asked around this time. “Which team will win MLS Cup?” “Who will surprise?” “Which team will not make it to Playoffs?” “Which manager will get the sack?”

My response is usually the same. “How did you get my number?” and “It's 3am call me later!”

But in all seriousness as fans of MLS we all read these preseason predictions that try to figure out which team will do what in the upcoming months. Usually the writer tries to sound very definite about his or her scientifically calculated way of deciphering how each team will do using formulas ranging from preseason performance to personnel movement. It's all fun and games and some of the articles are a jolly good read. The thing is...and I've said this for decades- preseason matches, personnel moves, big signings and past seasons performances don't mean anything. Preseason is Preseason, it's the actual Season that counts...and most solid clubs can take 2 or 3 matches just to shake the rust off. Then perhaps another couple of matches to iron out the wrinkles...then another match to realize they've been doing it wrong.

It's a funny game that way. Ask me in Week 6 and I can probably give you a better answer and make better predictions.

But with all that are some of my predictions for 2013...because If everybody else is doing it then why can't I?

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