Simon Allen

Six Predictions for the 2013 MLS Season

Created on 27 Feb., 2013 5:20 PM GMT

Which Team will win MLS Cup 2013?

Same team that won it last year. Los Angeles Galaxy. Pound for Pound the LA Galaxy has the best players in MLS. In every area of the park there are no real weak spots. Of course there is no DB23 but with the 2 Designated players (Robbie Keane and Landon Donovan eventually) returning to form the best tandem in MLS, there might not be a team in the league that can match them.

In the middle of the park, Juninho and Magee have made scoring their forte and the backline when free from injury has been the best in the business. There might be individuals in MLS that are better on certain days but no squad is as well put together as the LA Galaxy. The young guard are now the standard bearers of a winning philosophy and there is a dynasty forming in Los Angeles.

With the arrival of a third DP the team will get stronger and if Arena's MO is to be followed, another European player could be added midseason to help push for a higher playoff spot. The formula for winning another trophy has been established and if the team can follow it then I don't see any reason why the LA galaxy cannot three-peat this season.

Well there you go! Six predictions for the new season. It's on record now. Let me know what you think will happen in 2013. I've answered some of the questions that have been thrown at me during the past couple of days. I'll leave enough space on the bottom of this page for your opinions. So who do you think will win it all? Which team will the Eastern Champions? Western Champions? Who will be dead last? Will we see a Canadian team in the Finals? The season is a few days away. Have fun! 

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