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Stramaccioni calls for Inter consistency

Created on 14 Dec., 2012 4:19 PM GMT

Inter coach Andrea Stramaccioni feels that his team need to be steadier in their performances ahead of the Lazio clash.

The Milan side currently sit second behind table-toppers Juventus, who the coach believes are more consistent in their matches against weaker opponents and therefore deserve to lead Serie A.

"Juventus? They've shown they're more consistent, not only in their results but in their individual performances," the 36-year-old told reporters ahead of the Lazio match.

"That's why they deserve to be ahead of us. We knew we could beat them on a one-off match but their project is a year further on than ours and they have great players and replacements in every position."

However, Stramaccioni is proud of his team's display against tough opponents.

"The performances we've shown against our main rivals prove that we can compete. We rue the points we've dropped but this shows we still have room for improvement. It'd be worse if we'd lost to the top clubs," he said.

He then took the time to focus on their next challenge against the fourth-placed Lazio, giving credit to their Bosnian coach.

"Lazio have had a very good first part of the season," he said.

"I remember at the start people weren't sure about Vladimir Petkovic, but everyone has changed their mind on account of his work and his players' performances.

"They're a match for anyone. They only came undone at Napoli but Lazio are one of Italy's top sides."

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