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Stramaccioni scoffs at Juve claims

Created on 31 Oct., 2012 2:46 PM GMT

Inter coach Andrea Stramaccioni has laughed off suggestions that Italian officials are deliberately favouring Juventus.

The reigning Serie A champions have had a number of controversial decisions go their way in the opening months of the 2012-13 campaign, most notably a disallowed Catania 'goal' at the weekend, but the Inter coach believes there is no truth in any conspiracy theories.

"I haven't seen anything so far in the league to suggest a pro-Juve bias," Stramaccioni told the Inter website.

"People took notice of what happened at Catania because there were two decisions which went in favour of one team, but I don't think there's any evidence pointing towards a pro-Juve sentiment, aside from the match in Catania.

"In general I haven't noticed Juve getting any favourable treatment."

Inter take on Sampdoria on Wednesday, before locking horns with Juve on Saturday.

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