Juan Arango

The Group Of (Football) Death

Created on 15 Mar., 2013 3:54 AM GMT

We have seen some truly brilliant perfomrmances in Copa Lib this time around.  As always, I have alway been a proponent of the fact that this tournament is the toughest in the world and not the Champions League.  To be able to perform after 12 hour flights through six different time zones; heat, altitude, cold, humidity are hostile environments make the champion of this tournament one that is just hands down undisputed.  

Yet after seeing Ronaldinho and company at Atlético-MG as well as Corinthians and Xolos dominate as well as a number of other teams that have placed their stamp in this tournament there is one place where football has gone to die- Group 1.

When the draw was made back in December, this was the concensus group of death.  Unfortuantely for many that predicted that, the teams participated in this group gave that term a whole new meaning.  

Based on name, this group had some heavyeweights that were going to throw some heavyweight howitzers at each other.  On paper it seemed that way, but on the pitch it has been the equivalent of a spitball fight where the visitors have found a way to put one in the home team's eye every time. 

All four teams are not in the best of times when it comes to form. 

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