Juan Arango

The Group Of (Football) Death

Created on 15 Mar., 2013 3:45 AM GMT

Xeneize blues and saviors

Boca, oh man.  This team has always been in the eye of the hurricane.  The Xeneize had a tempestupous end with Julio César Falcioni and Carlos Bianchi was being loked at as the savior they were clamoring for. The problem was that he didn't have the charismatic players.  As a matter of fact, he doesn't have the players.   

This was why Juan Román Riquelme returned as the all-conquering hero for the umpteenth time.  That return turned out to be a crashing thud as they lost to Unión, who were winless in their previous 26 league matches 3-1.  So much for the sacrificial lamb in that occasion.  They would then host Nacional and would lose 1-0 in that listless performance. 

After winning in Montevideo on Thursday, Calros Bianchi uttered out these words, "I am just happy that they didn't score on us." A bit of relief, but not a sense of complete satisfaction although there are some baby steps in the right direction.  Bianchi's biggest problem is that he has not had the proper amount of time to instill in his squads the concepts he wants to see on the pitch.  He's worked with rotations due to injuries and playing on multiple fronts with different sides.  

So, with all this what conclusions can we give?  Not many, maybe this weekend we'll have a better idea. Maybe not.  What we do know is that the FIFA break could help out a bit to be able to fine tune some concepts.   We'll find out what happens when the group stage resumes in April.  Right now looking for answers to these teams'quetions is harder that trying to see the sun rise in the west.  None of the teams seem to be getting out of their funk and there seems to be no vision. Right now it will have to depend on the intangibles.  Which team appeals to mystique and which ones make it work. 

In the end, you can appeal to the greatness of the past and midweek magic; but if your present is not too good, all the mystique in the world is not going to cover up your shortcomings.  But these guys have given this groupa whole new meaning, beacuse they are killing football. 

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