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The Luis Suarez Move

Created on 16 Nov., 2012 4:58 PM GMT

It's always a great time when I walk into my local in Burbank, California with a Liverpool FC jersey on. The patrons can usually tell that I've been a supporter for a long time and most times I end up talking soccer with other Liverpool Football Club fans. Some of the grey beards will sit around and talk about the good ol' days but without fail the conversations always end up with us moping about the current situation at the club we love. This week has been no exception because the subject of Luis Suarez and his impending move to Manchester City was on everyones mind. I say “impending” because almost everyone with a pint in his hand was almost 100% probably certain and without a shadow of a doubt convinced that the Uruguayan goal scorer was out of Anfield by the end of the next transfer window.

Liverpool manager, Brendan Rodgers, of course disagrees. “At this moment I’m safe in the knowledge that Luis had the chance to go in the summer,” said Rodgers. “There was probably no better time for him to do that with a new manager coming in. He could have had an excuse to go, but having spoken to him at length he committed to staying here. He gave us the opportunity to see how it was going to work. It’s up to us as a club to add players who can help support him and move us on.”

Did you catch that? No, not the “committed to staying here” part. The “At this moment...” part of Rodgers statement. Those three words were worrisome to the Liverpool fans at the pub and after I left those three words lingered in the brain and gave me a groggy feeling at the pit of my stomach...and it wasn't the double helping of steak and kidney pudding.

At the moment Liverpool don't really have any other scoring options. Like Coca Cola...Suarez is it! “If we lose Luis, then we will have no strikers so he's certainly not someone we want to sell or move on...” said Rodgers possibly looking up into the heavens and wishing the club didn't pass on Clint Dempsey in the last transfer window.

However, with all the money being bandied about by Manchester City, will the Fenway Sports Group just see Suarez as a good investment and sell him off in order to turn a profit? Highly unlikely but stranger things have happened and the rumor mill always churns. The two things that lead armchair pundits to believe that he could be sold off to Manchester is that City aren't really doing well with their high profile strikers. Mario Balotelli hasn't scored a goal in the Barclays Premier League this season. Carlos Tevez has scored 4 goals from 10 matches. Sergio Aguero just 3. The upcoming transfer window would be the best time to bring in a player like Luis Suarez for City.

Also where's Suarez in all of this? The other reason Liverpool fans may be uneasy is that the man in question has not come out and said “I'm staying!”

Regardless the rumor mill will churn and a few thousand more words will be written about this transfer by the time it's all over. This will be the go-to topic for Liverpool fans sitting in pubs around the world. Will he stay? or will he go?

Let me know what you think...would love to hear your take on it.

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