Juan Arango

The President And Player

Created on 28 Feb., 2013 7:57 AM GMT

A few days ago, we heard how Genaro Gattuso became the player-coach over at Sion FC, but this story is a little more over the top than that.  Manta Futbol Club in Ecuador have just added their president Jaime Estrada onto their roster on Tuesday.  The announcement was made official on Wednesday by the Ecuadorian FA with rather ease. That bit of news of course was overshadowed because of all the harsh suspensions that were handed down to players and coaches.  

"My only desire is to keep the group together," said Estrada.  "Like many Ecuadorians, we all dream of being a professional football player.  I have been working towards this since the pre-season with the coaching staff."

He also said that the support that he received from players and coaches was the reason why he took this decision.  Estrada was a youth player at the club and one of his ambitions is to be able to help some of the youth players at the club to be able to earn promotion and to see Manta earn a spot to an international tournament.  

The original purpose of Estrada to have done this was to be able to get a better understanding of what the coaching staff and the players needed.  His philosophy was get in their shoes on order to serve them best.  Of course, he because of his new role with the club, he will have to step down as president. 

Estrada mentioned that he will be at the disposal of coach Edwin Cozar as of this weekend when Manta face Liga in the Casa Blanca in Quito.  

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