Robert Jonas

Transaction Tales: Which MLS Teams Made the Right Moves Ahead of the 2013 Regular Season?

Created on 02 Mar., 2013 10:21 PM GMT

…And 5 Moves that will not: 1. Chivas USA puts all its stock in “El Chelis”

Not one to do things understatedly, Chivas USA owner Jorge Vergara has hired the flamboyant José Luis Sánchez Solá, aka El Chelis, as his head coach. And from his first day in charge, at Vergara’s bequest El Chelis is almost entirely transformed to the roster to contain only Latino players. In a case of déjà vu, the new Chivas USA seems to be approaching 2013 like the very first Chivas USA squad did back in 2005. To better understand why this is not a good thing for today, remember that in 2005, the Goats managed to win only 4 games all season. If El Chelis gets Chivas USA off to a flashback start to 2013, he will almost certainly be sacked early on in the year.