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Uruguay Primera Division:fixtures up-to-date

Created on 09 Sept., 2013 6:16 PM GMT

Uruguay Primera Division had no fixtures scheduled for this weekend due to the world cup qualifiers. However, the River Plate v Cerro Largo and the Miramar Misiones v Rentistas were prior fixtures which were cancelled. This weekend-off was used for these cancelled fixtures. 

River Plate v Cerro Largo

Cerro Largo took the lead 7th minute into the game with a goal by Alfonso Lima , but River Plate turn it around in the second half.

In a turnover Inella, tied the game up for River with a tremendous volley which placed the ball in the angle.

River continued to press, generated opportunites in the area and one of them was executed brilliantly by Hamilton Pereira to score the 2-1.

The third goal came at a corner in the 80th minute. Alaniz placed the ball at the bottom left for Santos, to head it and put the 3-1 mark.

River Plate is the current leader of the Aperutra alongside El Tanque Sisley and Nacional.

Rentistas V Miramar Misiones

Miramar Misiones obtain their first point of the season. This came with a surprise as last week Rentistas defeated Penarol 3-2.

Rentistas did not perform up to the expectations but had their moments and deserved more. However, all that matters once the whistle is blown is the final result.

Rentistas took the lead in 65th minute with a goal from Herrera. Miramar fought to equalise and eight minutes after Fernandez accomplished to score. 

Miramar Misiones performance did not improve and is being vocally nominated to be a contender for relegation this season by the public. 

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